Sportster engine rebuild cost

I have buell with a harley sportster cc engine in it. It has lost compression to the point that it has only psi front cylinder and 50psi rear. It has only 10, miles on it. How much would a top end rebuild cost? How much does it cost to rebuild a harley engine? How much does it cost to rebuild a… I have buell with a harley sportster cc engine in it.

My Engine Failed - How Much Does An Engine Rebuild Cost

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I have about 10 other ….Bolt-on Kits for present cc and cc Sportsters and Buells. These kits stand alone as the biggest XL engine kit available that can be installed in an afternoon without case boring and without removing your engine from the frame.

Each kit comes standard with the best components on the market: Sledge Hammer 3. This Results in Superb Ring Seal. The cylinder is based heavily on our legendary kit, with one key difference: the liner is made of specialpsi tensile strength steel.

sportster engine rebuild cost

This extra strong liner material enables a thinner spigot, which in turn enables the bigger bore. The working area of the cylinder remains at a full four inches outside diameter, maintaining the thick, strong cylinder wall. As a result, this cylinder delivers superb ring seal in even the most highly stressed, demanding applications, enabling more power! How much more power? One of the great things about the kit is that it delivers more power over the entire rpm range, unlike a lot of mods that tend to rob from one area to give more somewhere else.

Take a look at these actual results:. You can see what a massive difference in fin sizes this represents! HD introduced big fins in when the cylinder pressure in 's was raised dramatically.

The larger fins were part of a coordinated plan to improve the cooling of the motor to handle the additional heat, along with oil squirters under the pistons and MAP based ignition. Big fin cylinders will also fit on bikes. We offer the small fin style as well, so that owners of that year range can maintain the proper appearance. Also notice the CNC highlighted fins in the above photo! We don't sand fin edges!

sportster engine rebuild cost

If you're going for the black highlighted look, there's no need to settle for the sanded fin edges found on some competing kits. HAMMER cylinders match the factory fin highlighting on models and maintain your engine's beautiful appearance! And finally, all HAMMER kits utilize high-end "X-Forging" pistons that are proven to be the lightest and strongest forged piston design you can buy:.

The ribbed design results in a stronger piston with less weight, which results in more power, less vibration, and less wear and tear on the lower end. They also feature extra large valve pockets for those radical cams, anti-detonation grooves, dual wrist pin oilers, expansion grooves for superior ring seal, ribbing to give maximum strength with minimum weight, and of course our exclusive 30 degree reverse dome designs that deliver maximum valve unshrouding and superb detonation resistance.

For the ultimate in convenience, add our pre-assembly option to your engine kit. We'll thoroughly clean your cylinders, precisely gap your rings, and then pre-lube and assemble the pistons and rings into the cylinders. The ready-to-install assembly will then be shipped to you in a sealed plastic bag to keep it clean and safe.

This service makes the installation a breeze, as you simply lower the piston down enough in the bore to expose the wrist pin hole, position it over the connecting rod, insert the wrist pin and circlip, and push the cylinder down into position. No special tools required! Note: up style large fin cylinders will fit on bikes.I have buell with a harley sportster cc engine in it. It has lost compression to the point that it has only psi front cylinder and 50psi rear.

It has only 10, miles on it.

sportster engine rebuild cost

Before you start spending money, you first need to make sure your readings are correct. To properly check the compression, do it with a warm engine, not a cold one.

Pistons swell up when warm and fit tighter. In addition, open the throttle wide open and keep it there while cranking the engine over. Your readings do sound rather low, but keep in mind that besides the above things, a tired battery cranks over slower and will effect the readings. Because of that, the actual reading withing reason isn't as important as the difference between cylinders.

Say you do the above and the readings still show low. Pour maybe a teaspoon of motor oil into the spark plug hole and crank the engine over a few times and then attach the gauge and test it. If the reading jumps way up, that means the rings are worn, if little or nothing changes, that points towards leaking valves. If you really want to do it right and you suspect something is leaking, use or make a fitting that will attach an air compressor hose to the spark plug hole. Turn the air on with a good psi and listen for air leaking into the exhaust, carburetor or crankcase by listening into the oil filler hole if the filler hole is on the crankcase and not an external tank or the crankcase vent.

That way you will know whether it's the rings, intake or exhaust valve. Close, Polar Bear, close. You accidentally reversed your numbers: Bart acts like a year old with an IQ of 9. Drools the same, too. It's a wonder his keyboard doesn't short out. At least your above the average Harley rider for miles ridden per year. How much would a top end rebuild cost? Answer Save. REV B Lv 7. This Site Might Help You.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Engine

RE: How much does it cost to rebuild a harley engine? How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Studley Von Longshlong Lv 4.Breathe new life into your tired V-Twin. By offering this service, your customer gets a quality rebuild complete with a 6 month, 6, mile warranty.

But Wait!!! Once received by the trained staff at Ultima your engine will be inspected for any obvious cosmetic flaws or damage. Once the engine has been checked in, the dealer will then be contacted before dis-assembly of the motor begins.

See Details Below. All Ultima motors will be upgraded to the latest production specifications including but not limited to: BeeHive valve springs.

HARLEY Davidson IRONHEAD Sportster CHOPPER Bobber BUILD / Top End Rebuild

Ultima High Output oil pump. Heavy duty Hylift Johnson lifters. Tapered Chromoly pushrods when applicable. Mahle forged pistons when applicable. Oil pumps will be rebuilt or replaced as necessary. You must drain all of the oil from the crankcase. Your ignition module must be installed. Most importantly you must pack your motor for shipping in a manner so that it will not be damaged in transit.

If you do not have a box or crate one can be purchased from Midwest Motorcycle Supply. Oasis Trucking can be contacted by phone by fax or visit their website www.

This offer is for complete motor rebuilds only.This includes installing a Timken insert, truing, taper fit plug, balancing and welding your crankshaft and boring your engine cases. TR knows your engine is only as good as the bottom end! Trust your bottom end to one of the finest names in the business T-Man PerformanceTR disassembles your crankshaft, trues, taper fit plugs and welds the assembly forming a solid connection between your piston and primary.

This assembly is precision balanced with your pistons. If you want, T-Man Performance can even bore the cases out to accept larger cylinders. The insures no matter what Horsepower and Torque you put through the bottom end, it will be able to take it. Timken Inserts ….

T-Man performance machines and installs this insert to provide the critical crankshaft control needed by a high performance engine. Complete in-house disassembly-reassembly, T-Man Performance now offers their precision crankshaft service. TR has built the jigs and developed the precision components needed to properly repair and rebuild VTwin crankshafts. From stock crankshafts to higher performance ones, all can be bettered by having T-Man Performance rebuild it.

The Devil is in the Details…. Because Taper Rods where supplied stock, the wheels were designed with this in mind.

sportster engine rebuild cost

With the use of H-Beam Rods, there is not enough metal that can be removed to properly balance the flywheel. He is the first to do this.

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T-Man Performance will case bore your cases to accomendate up to 4. Join Us. Custom M8 Head Breathers. Oil Pan Vent Kit. Bottom End Services. Taper Plugging…. High Performance in the making! Case boring to accommodate up to 4. All machine work is done in-house on a five axis machine center. T-Man Performance Tech Tips.

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Search for:.Hello, It is a lovely engine. Could you telling me how much the price is? Or maybe you can contact me at ANP yahoo. I have a really nice completely rebuilt sportster motor with a clear arizona title For Sale!! This motor has been gone through completely from bottom to top by one of the top motor builders in Arizona.

It has a ton of new parts this was not some cheap rebuild they went through everything. Anything that was worn out or bad was replaced with new bits. It is ready to go back together it is just left apart for the pics.

The top end is all rebuild also and it has brand new. I have the complete engine minus the carb, generator and ignition. The motor can be assembled once purchased and shipped to your doorstep via ups.

This motor also has a brand new set of of Andrews Y cams they will make you pop wheelies for sure!! Posted by LoveCycles at AM. Unknown August 17, at AM.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. So if you need an old chopper or bobber worked on or built we have you covered. We also offer complete Engine and Transmission rebuilds for to Harley Davidsons. Jeremiah lovecycles80 gmail.

Love Cycles 46 EL. Love Cycles 45 FL Knucklehead. Love Cycles 47 EL 1.Privacy Terms. The Home Machinist! A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby.

Skip to content. Quick links. Sportster rebuild. This Forum is dedicated to the Hobbyist I. Internal Combustion Engine Community.

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I also own a sportster that came in a bunch of boxes. The 74 I have had for quite some time, the 73 is a recent acquisition and is meant to be a learning project. Once I learn how to rebuild the 73, I will rebuild the This post is intended to follow the process of the build.

Like I said this is a learning process as I have never rebuilt a motor. With most of my vehicles I usually just bought a long block, and install it in the vehicle.

I have a friend that has shown me the process, for putting the lower end together, for a sportster. Also there is a website where and individual has documented his process of "How to build a Sportster", that I am following.

The worst that can happen is I ruin the basket case bike, and it becomes a pile of parts.

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I have most of the lower end cleaned. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Live for the moment!

Prepare for tomorrow! Forgive the past! Re: Sportster rebuild. I had to replace the rod throw on my 70 sportster

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